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The SnoFlakes

2023 new release Liberty Tree! 

Welcome to the official SnoFlakes site. We are so glad you visited our webpage. Our songs are the culmination of our musical influences and life experiences, dabbling in different genres but always getting back to the signature SnoFlake sound.

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The SnoFlakes hailing from Durham, NC, are pure, authentic guitar driven American rock. 
Consisting of a 5 piece band who falls into the alternative/indie genre but often write songs that hit like a ton of bricks and can meld many different styles seamlessly. 

Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Dono puts his heart and soul into his craft and is often compared vocally to Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, and Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction, Bono and David Bowie. But most fans often say that his vocals are his own sound and he offers a very unique but strong appealing voice that fans love. 

The SnoFlakes band consists of Blake on rhythm guitar and vocals, Pierre on bass, ERock on drums and Tommy on keys, dj, and guitar, vocals. Accomplished , seasoned musicians who bring the driving rhythms and energy. An energetic band who put on a great live show and always seem to energize the audience. Their shows are often stated to be sonic revivals where good times and memories are made and shared by all.

The SnoFlakes are their very own captivating sound but draw from sonic influences of Jane’s Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, a harder edged U2, the Verve, Oasis, Simple Minds, Jimi Hendrix and Guns and Roses. 

What our fans and song reviewers say

Song “Did You Know” 
“The singer had a fantastic sounding voice. I loved his old-school sounding tone and his wide vocal range. I also liked the heavy beat of the song.”

“I love the guys voice, he has an axl rose quality. The music is good also as well the the hit maker lyrics. “

“The guitar riffs sounded super good and catchy and the vocals sounded wicked. I really liked the energy on this song and the production.”

“This band has a memorable name. The lyrics are smart and clever. The production is strong. I like the psychedelic touches and effects.



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