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Meet The SnoFlakes

The SnoFlakes hailing from Bull City-Durham, NC, are pure, authentic guitar driven American rock. 
Consisting of a 3 piece guitar driven rock n roll band whose songs sometimes stray into genres such as alternative, indie, punk and funk. The SnoFlakes are a culmination of our musical influences.

Lead singer and guitarist Dono, a prolific song writer and long time musician wrote, recorded and self released 4 SnoFlake albums of material from 2019 to 2023. " I've been itching to play out live again after being in a Raleigh tribute band several years ago.  I missed the camaderie of the band but wanted to focus on writing and recording original songs. It's important at this life stage, for me, to not only write and record but share the music live with an audience. Having extremely talented and experienced musicians to be part of this effort like Pierre and Will, have taken the songs from a rough draft to a live ready project where each adds their personal touch/influences to the songs." 

How did the band name get chosen, " I wanted a name that was controversial to match the product, the music. I wanted the band name to embrace the self induced insanity of our human situation. The name had to be raw and honest. It needed to reflect the real and not some old bullshit ideal of what the rock n roll music was about with slick marketeers pushing false idols and over produced songs to the masses. A snowflake is truly an amazing and beautiful, unique creation, and our society turned that into a slanderous term. With the song reviews we seek and receive for every new song, our band name was overwhelmingly liked, 90% plus,by a vast majority of our music reviewers from age groups of early 20's to late 50's and many remarked how memorable the name is." 

What our fans and song reviewers say about the SnoFlakes 

“This band has a memorable name. The lyrics are smart and clever. The production is strong. I like the psychedelic touches and effects."

The guitar riffs sounded super good and catchy and the vocals sounded wicked. I really liked the energy on this song and the production.”

“The singer had a fantastic sounding voice. I loved his old-school sounding tone and his wide vocal range. I also liked the heavy beat of the song.”


“I love the guys voice, he has an axl rose quality. The music is good also as well the the hit maker lyrics. “

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